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Getting Started

Want to leave, discover new landscapes, discover another culture, open your horizon? For more than 20 years now, « Enfants de la Paix » ASBL has allowed young people to go on solidarity projects.

In 20 years, no less than 188 young people have left, supervised by the association, for a period of one month in India.
Going on site, it's an unforgettable experience, made of meetings and memories just as unforgettable.
Going with « Enfants de la Paix », is also a preparation, a group work, a journey of several months towards this journey. It is also an important personal investment, before and especially during the stay. And on your return, it is a memory that remains in itself and that changes, certainly how you apprehend life.

Conditions of participation

  • Be 18 years old before departure.
  • Be in good physical health.
  • Not to be pregnant.
  • Be free 4 weeks in summer, during the month of July.
  • Agree to walk together for one year and participate in several meetings, including a full weekend around December.
  • Register before mid-November.

What’s a project?

The departure for a project is usually scheduled for July. It will be a matter of setting up a site that will have been chosen by the committee of the association.
This site can be the repair of one of our homes, the setting up of a specific project for the children of our homes, a camp « health » etc…
For our types of projects, no special knowledge is required, it is open to all. Accommodation, as well as meals will be made in the home, which allows to share as closely as possible the life of the children of the home
Some excursions are planned with the group during the stay.

How to prepare a travel?

A preparation is necessary in order to be able to handle the culture shock and to avoid health problems etc. To better prepare you, the association will accompany you from the end of October until departure. In addition, one or two members of the association will accompany you on site.

This preparation consists of:

  • A weekend of preparation
  • A day of meeting in April
  • Several specific activities and meetings

During these mandatory activities, the ASBL will present you the Indian culture and some problems very present in India and that could be part of this « cultural shock ». And since the participants often come from different backgrounds and cities, we take pride in what they learn to get to know each other better before living this adventure together.
To attend the workshops it is imperative to attend all the meetings.

How much does it cost?

  • The project
    In general, the group of participants is asked to find together a sum between 2500 € and 4000 €. In fact, each participant must bring back a minimum of 250 €.
    This will be used to carry out the project on site. It is collected by the group which will be formed during the first meeting and which will carry out during the year specific actions (evenings, sales, beer cellar, etc ...)
  • Personal expenses
    Travel and tourism costs are at participants expens. A small contribution is required for the food. Accommodation is provided by the association.
     -  Travel costs (round-trip): ± 750 €
     -  The cost of food taken in the home (2.5 € per day)
     -  Vaccine costs: ± 120 €
     -  Tourism costs: ± 100 €
     -  Visa costs: ± 136 €
    A small financial contribution is also requested during the training weekend. These costs are therefore at participants expens but, you’re also free to organize specific actions by group in order to find a part of the necessary funds. The association takes care of travel tickets booking, visas and various reservations.
    In January (after the training weekend), an advance fee will be requested. This advance will not be refunded in case you decide to abandon the project en route.

How to register?

New projects are planned. Registration details will be specified here in a timely manner.



Projects History

  • 1996 - construction of 25 latrines - (19 young people)
  • 1997 - 27 houses in the village of Malkapur - (29 young people)
  • 1998 - Malkapur home wall - (16 young people)
  • 1999 - Home of Avadi painting (Madras) - (10 young people)
  • 2000 - Madras health center - (21 young people)
  • 2001 - Home of Avadi painting (Madras) - (13 young people)
  • 2002 - Construction slide for children of Malkapur - (5 young people)
  • 2003 - no projects ...
  • 2004 - Floor construction in the health center - (11 young people)
  • 2005 - Staff rooms in Malkapur - (10 young people)
  • 2006 - Health camp - (6 young people)
  • 2007 - Floor in the refectory of Malkapur - (6 young people)
  • 2008 - Development of a playground in Malkapur - (5 young people)
  • 2009 - Health camp - (12 young people)
  • 2010 - Staff rooms in Malkapur - (11 young people)
  • 2011 - Sponsors travel - (24 personnes)
  • 2012 - Infirmary and classes construction for home of Malkapur - (5 young people)
  • 2013 - Health camp - (5 young people)
  • 2014 - no projects ...
  • 2015 - Site construction in Randam (Tiruvannāmalai) : 4 young people
  • 2016 – Volunteers of the association travel : 16 people
  • 2017 - no projects ...
  • 2018 - no projects ...



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