Our projects

We fund projects close to two major cities.
These projects are :


The EDP association welcomes approximately 235 children in two homes, each located near the major cities of Hyderabad and Thiruvannamalai. The homes of Malkapur (Hyderabad) and Randam (Thiruvannamalai) were built by the association.
The EDP association finances the costs of maintenance and occupancy, staff salaries, food, health care, tuition, clothes ... These institutions provide work for 38 Indians.

The home of Malkapur
(Hyderabad) :

This was the first home. Initially we rented a house a little outside the city and we collected 30 children who came mainly from the neighboring shanty towns. As the house became too small we bought a plot 50km from the city and built a home that now allows us to collect 185 children. In this home, school education is given up to the 10th year. After that the children who have the capacity take higher courses outside the home. In this home, we have a large land that allows us to make culture and breeding. This work relieves the cost of monthly maintenance and gives children fresh products. The home school was recognized by the ministry in 2011.
Our action focuses especially on the place of women. Thus, we prefer the reception of girls who now make up 75% of our workforce. Such a choice forces us to modify the structure of our home. We want to start the construction of a first floor reserved for the female population of the home from 2018. Similarly, the opening of additional places will allow us to accommodate 200 children instead of 185 currently

The home of Randam
(Tiruvannāmalai) :

This is the second home. Initially we rented a house a little outside the city of Chennai, in Āvadi. We gathered 46 poor children there. The house was not ideally situated to educate children. So we bought a plot 12 km from the town of Tiruvannāmalai and built a home that will allow us to collect 46 girls.
In this home, we do not provide education and the children go to the neighboring schools every day. After the 10th year, children who are able to do so still take higher education courses at other institutions. In this home, we have a large field that allows them to play sports, as well as a field dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables. This new home was inaugurated in September 2015.




Transform the life of disadvantaged children and have an impact on their day-to-day life.
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